Laptop Data Recovery

Data Loss ? Don’t Panic, We can Help you.

You don’t have access to your personal laptop data or your laptop hard disk is clicking !! If you are looking for a professional data recovery company to salvage your important business or family information from a failed laptop hard drive. You are at Right Place.

With our professional training and years of experience, industry standard hardware tools, we are leading data recovery service provider in Pakistan and already assisted thousands of peoples to recover there important/precious data quickly, securely and cost effectively. We diagnose hard drive at low level, rectify the problem and stabilize the disk to perform a sector-to-sector imaging. By using hardware based disk imaging we can extract themaximum possible data from the media. We support all brands, e.g Macbook, HP, Dell, SONY, Fujitsu.

Either it is problem with your OS who is preventing your laptop to start or it is matter of encrypted data or a physical problem with the hard disk, at Data MagicMe Data Recovery you can expect advance level of secured data recovery service with highest success rate. We have the training, experience and equipped facility you need to recover your lost/inaccessible data from laptops quickly.

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Is your laptop data not accessible ?

 We can recover data from the most extreme cases of hard disk failure. Are you concerned about the privacy of the your personal data ?  We sign  Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for peace of mind.

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Data MagicMe Data Recovery is a leading data recovery company in Pakistan because of well equipped facility and certified engineers.

Our hard disk recovery experts are truly the professional, who with the help of Industry standard hardware tools and in-depth knowledge of modern disk technologies ensure that your data is recovered successfully, quickly and cost effectively.

Every day laptop and mobile devices stored more and more critical data and at the same time increasing amount of data is being saved, these devices are still the least frequently backed-up.

  • Laptop will not boot up
  • hard disk not detected
  • Fallen / Dropped laptop
  • Blue screen of death
  • Corrupted Operating System
  • Clicking Hard Drive