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When you lose your important files, trust the world's best data recovery company, Data-Magic-U.A.E Certified Engineers, Industry Standard Hardware Tools, well equipped data recovery lab, class 100 clean-room facility..

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Hard Disk Drives, USB, SCSI, SAS, SSD, RAID Arrays, Servers, NAS / DAS / SAN Servers

Supported File Systems: FAT, NTFS, Ext, VMFS, ZFS. NFS. HFS+

Why Data Magic for Data Recovery ?

Data Recovery for several years to execute sensitive data recovery operations and with a clean-room facility our dedicated team of professionals can perform complex physical recoveries with no compromise on quality or efficiency.

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Data-Magic is a Professional Data Recovery Company

We Offer a wide range of data recovery services from all type of

Hard Disk Drive, Servers with different RAID Levels, NAS Servers, DVR, SSD Drives.


Hard Disk Data Recovery

Our recovery which includes the following issues:

Failed PCB (printed circuit board), which can sometimes cause a clicking noise. Corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record). Corrupt partition table. Damaged interface, such as a USB or SATA connector. Corrupt hard drive firmware, which can cause the drive to spin-up, then spin down. Bad motor controller. Failed cache memory. Failed voltage regulator...


RAID / Server Data Recovery

Recover RAID data without the downtime. Lost files mean lost resources, and you need a RAID data recovery company that can treat any type of array quickly.
datamegicme.com maintains a qualified team of RAID specialists, and with full-service laboratories in multiple states, we are able to offer faster turnarounds than other companies. We also offer a no data, no charge policy and several options for RAID cases, including 24/7 services, remote data recovery, and on-site recovery...


USB Disk Data Recovery

Each year, flash media failures cause millions of dollars in losses. Sudden data issues require immediate action – by working with a qualified flash data recovery company, you can regain access to important files within days.
Datamagicme.com’s engineers have experience with every flash media format. We can treat all types of failure including broken USB connectors, bad sectors, heat and fluid damage, accidental deletion, virus infection, and much more, quickly returning your files to a working condition, and our advanced...

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NAS / SAN Data Recovery

Your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is an essential element of your network. It stores crucial data for your users, and a failure can drastically affect the way your organization operates.
While you take precautions to protect your most important files, NAS appliances can fail for dozens of reasons. In some situations, you might not have access to an up-to-date backup, and whether you encounter multiple hard drive failures, hardware malfunctions, or a software issue, you need assistance from a fully qualified data recovery provider in order to quickly restore your files.

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SSD Data Recovery

Solid-state drive (SSD) technology has progressed in terms of reliability, but it’s far from perfect. When you can’t read files on your device, you need an SSD data recovery company that understands the complex architecture of the format – and for the best results, your case needs experienced engineers and state-of-the-art technology.
Datamagicme.com has offered services for solid-state drives since 1998, and we can capably recover data from modern consumer devices and legacy media after any type of failure. All of our laboratories are fully outfitted for solid-state drive recovery including different interfaces and form-factors such as SATA, mSATA, M.2, PCIe, etc.

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DVR Data Recovery

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are widely used in small to large scale business for surveillance/security purpose. In case of software/hardware malfunction data on these hard drives can not be accessed via normal computers due to their different file system.  DVR data recovery is very specialized due to wide range of manufacturer in DVR industry their proprietary file system which they use to store digital videos 24/7 on these hard drives. All the major manufacturer of hard drive build special family drives recommended to use in DVRs.

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If you are facing a data loss situation, please feel free to submit a case and one of our expert will be in touch with you.

What is Data Destruction

Data destruction is used to destroy data from a hard disk, usb and any type of storage. We have high standard tools for data destruction and recertification of drives. We use dod 5220-22M erasing method after the erasing data is never be recoverable.


As time goes, we are creating more and more data every day, either it is personal memories or high tech researches. we all want to protect our data from unauthorized used. Protecting sensitive business information from leakage is also a primary concern for IT personals.

We offer reliable services for data destruction jobs, if you are looking for a bulk data destruction job, we invite you @ (+971) 50 5678991 to talk in detail about the services we offer.

Why Choose Us

we have already helped several companies to ensure that there sensitive data is permanently erased. we also use widely known and accepted paid software for secure data destruction. we have state of the art facility to perform bulk data destruction jobs.

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